2022 – Hike Day 9 & 10 – Mile 105.9

These are some shots going up Vernon’s Stairway to Heaven, a fairly famous climb on the AT. You’ll see Herman and Chris and dog Grace making the ascent with us. If you look carefully you’ll see that Chris is not wearing shoes.

“I always wanted to do that” she said about doing the barefoot ascent.

I think this was the final crossing into NY! Massive style points!

We decided to drop down a 0.9 mi side trail into Greenwood Lake, NY for a stay at the Linden Motel. What a great host (Ravo aka “Ron”) at a great location right on the lake. Super chill, quaint and peaceful.

Blue blaze trail 0.9 mi down to Greenwood Lake NY

After a great rest we took off up the hill to resume a short rain-day hike (never did rain until evening).

The major theme was rock scramble.

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