2022 – Zero Day

If you have been reading this blog you know what a zero day is…a day on a hike where zero miles are made.

Yum-zee Mexican food at 4 chicks cafe
Dessert at Bellvale Creamery – est 1819

When Herman and Chris were in town we took a zero to have some fun. We went to ANOTHER creamery – Bellvale Creamery – making people happy since 1819…yes!!

To maximize our local opportunity we took our hotelier’s suggestion to check out the former Playboy club at Big Gorge. This was a swinging place from about 1972-1982, just outside of NYC, with who knows what kind of Hefner debauchery going down.

However, it certainly had some genuine historical events take place there, like having Howard Cosell calling top heavy weight fights with names like Clay, Norton and Frazier.

But now it is an enormous, dilapidated wreck that has missed a handful of resuscitation attempts. Creepy.

Don’t forget to remove your CBs and tape decks. Hotel not responsible.

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