2022 – Hike day 7 – Mile 78.3

Very nice conditions on Hike Day 7. We were all set for rain, which is fine, but then got handed a bright sunny day.

High Point NJ Veterans Memorial
Secret Shelter

Secret Shelter, above, was really quaint. It’s not a sanctioned AT shelter so the old sign just reads: “Well Water”. the water is hand-pumped through a no-freeze device. The water then gushes, is cold and tastes great.

Jake the resident donkey

We moved along after a rest at Secret Shelter, landing in Unionville, NY. What an awesome small town! Kids riding an old junker mini-bike up and down Main St. Others on skate boards, razors and the one kid who can ride a wheelie A REALLY LONG TIME!!

Horler’s General Store, Unionville
Old filling station
Photo found on wall of general store
Camping at Unionville City Park

2 thoughts on “2022 – Hike day 7 – Mile 78.3

  1. Third state already! Love the donkey. Guess he or she didn’t volunteer to carry gear for you….

    Stu and Jenn are back in VT by the 26th. If you are in East Wallingford/Mt. Holly after that, I’m sure you could stop by. Showers and good hospitality!


    1. Thanks Steve! Jake may’ve helped carry the load if we gave him a good brushing. But somebody else just gave him a scratch which seemed to activate his “fifth leg.” We decided to keep some distance in the relationship.

      Thanks for word on Stu and Jenn. Thinking that will be a 2023 convo since we ate not going to make it that far on this outing. Thx!!!!!!


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