2022 – Hike day 6 – Mile 65.8

Pennsylvania is known for rocks. Big and plenty. It’s hard to find a rhythm when you’re looking for a spot to place every step. But as we move deeper into NJ the terrain is losing some of this and is providing a quicker, softer experience = more and more-pleasant miles. And despite its reputation, NJ has some exquisite scenery.

And as we set up camp for the night, “Springer” and “Old Stag” (perfect name for latter) arrive to tell us we missed the black bear AND the rattler. The snake was near the mountaintop pavilion (pictured above) and the bear was somewhere further back. Yikes!

Mashipacong Shelter

4 thoughts on “2022 – Hike day 6 – Mile 65.8

  1. Glad to see you guys are back at it! Love the updates and pictures. Be safe and soak it all in. Melissa and I are living vicariously through you!


    1. Thanks guys! Great to hear from you and hope you’ve been enjoying the outdoors, as well! Best to you both and thanks for staying in touch!


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