2022 – Hike Day 5 – Mile 53

Wow…lots to report from the first 5 days! Jen, Lydia and Rog at the trailhead in eastern PA. Had a ten or eleven mile day planned that includes a really challenging climb out of Lehigh Gap PA

It was hard, especially being the first day. But after getting that one out of the way, the next three hike days with Lydia was fabulous. She managed to find her trail name by Sunday.

Lydia is caring about nature and is a gifted hiker. It’s like she’s in front of you and then in an instant she is gone! Uphill, downhill – it doesn’t matter.

Girls got stride.

And there you have it…”Stride”!!

Here is a weird experience that isn’t too uncommon for a trail town. We walked into Wind Gap PA for a bite of dinner and the owner of the restaurant is such a trail fan that he lets hikers camp in the back. Grass was freshly mowed and we tented not too far from the feral cat “refuge”.

Morning coffee strolling across Detzi’s lot
Last day with Lyd and she’s even packing the tent…at 6:15am! Thanks Stride!!

One thought on “2022 – Hike Day 5 – Mile 53

  1. Sounds like a great week with Lyd! We had a great visit with her on her trek home. She and Quinn became fast friends. Enjoy your hike this week. We always love seeing the pictures and hearing your stories.


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