Day 89 Mile 1120

✅ The AT’s “Triple Crown”

✅ Our 1/2 way!

Big day! We hiked Virginia’s three iconic waypoints in two days of sweltering summer heat, also passing our halfway point. We call this happenstance 3 + 1, as follows:

Dragon’s Tooth – A huge VA monolith with a hairy descent on its north side that surprised both of us.

The climb above is part of the 2.5-mile approach trail. Unlike the path from other parking lots, white blazing here is no gimmie!

McAfee Knob – We approached this iconic rock outcropping in late afternoon, doing our part to maintain its stature as one of the AT’s most photographed spots. Surprisingly, we shared it with just another couple and three young twenty-somethings. The ranger said there’d been lines to these side trails on the holiday. We felt lucky to hit it at a quiet time.

Tinker Cliffs – We stayed at Campbell Shelter after McAfee, which meant we only had a few miles to this gorgeous rocky cliffs-edge in them morning. We woke up to a five-mile look south at McAfee Knob and the ridge we hiked to get from there to here.

The miles added up, which became clearer from a distance.

Even better, we added a bonus fourth jewel to the crown: Mile 1096, marking the halfway point in our journey by foot to Katahdin.

For those seeking a visual representation of the mileage aspect, let’s revisit the Snickers “Dubba” metaphor first introduced in these pages at Day 50 Mile 554.

If this confection represents the 2192 mile Appalachian Trail…

…then the below image represents how much of the trail we have now “consumed”…

Will we chew through more miles? Not on Jen’s grit-abraded feet. With a Super 8 within sight of the Trail, we checked in to figure our next steps.

3 thoughts on “Day 89 Mile 1120

  1. You two are amazing! Thanks for sharing your journey! Looking forward to hearing more of the journey. Enjoy the adventure!


  2. That is some beautiful country. You are a strapping man. Jen got herself a good one.

    Meanwhile back here in the shadows of the valley of summer death we went to a Diamondbacks game on Friday. Hmm. Baseball. Give me a bat I can hit that thing.

    “Well bang the drum, hold the phone, the sun came out today.
    We’re born again there’s new grass on the field.
    Just-a roundin’ third and headed for home it’s a brown eyed handsome man.
    I think anyone can understand the way I feel.

    Put me in coach, I’m ready to play …”


  3. What gorgeous photos, Jennifer. Thanks so much for letting us go along with you, without the sore feet and sore everything else, of course!!


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