Day 84 Mile 1025

Hitting four-digit mileage is kind of surreal. Point the feet north, and go. Steps just keep adding up! Theres a life lesson in there.

We arrived in Pearisburg, VA, shaking with anticipation down to the scuffed tips of our hardworking shoes. We both had new orthotic inserts waiting! Dr Craig Cortese, our podiatrist, sent replacements with a surprise gift and a note. Many thanks, and for happier feet.

Jen decided to check that she had the right kind of shoes for a 5,000,000-step walk in the woods. When I learned how he helped her, I called for an appointment. We’ve seen how many other hikers walk in pain, and I realized this was one of our best preparations. (Ask if you’re curious for details.)

That is just one of the many reasons JJ earned her trail name “Marvel.” She comes up with ideas, some can sound whacky (and are), but others – like visit the podiatrist before walking 2,000+ miles – can give really great outcomes.

JJ also got new treads….600+ miles and they were way over baked. Nice heels.

Angel’s Rest Hiker Haven was a great hostel that put some lift under the wings.

And Wood’s Hole Retreat, a stop just prior to Pearisburg, was really special. It is the oldest hostel on the trail, where we had the 1880’s farm house to ourselves.

Our hike out of Pearisburg was rewarded with beautiful Rice Shelter overlooking a meadow and the valley below.

5 thoughts on “Day 84 Mile 1025

  1. Congrats on the new orthotics and four digit mileage!! We’re so enjoying your posts and are excited to follow your progress. Thanks for sharing and for the inspiration. One foot in front of the other, indeed!


  2. Which is a better song ‘We’re an American Band’ by Grand Funk Railroad or ‘Rock and Roll Band’ by Boston ?

    “Playin’ for a week in Rhode Island
    A man came to the stage one night
    Hw smoked a big cigar and drove a Cadillac car
    Said “ Boys, I think this band’s outa’ sight”.
    Signed a record company contract
    you know we’ve got great expectations
    When I hear you on the car radio
    you’re gonna’ be a sensation.”

    Carry on, my faithful friends !!



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