Day 71 Mile 860

Stormy weather moved in for weeks along NC, TN, and VA sections. Soaked, we navigated steeps turned into little rivers, slippery roots, and swollen streams under a persistent drumbeat of rain.

With a respectful tip of our drippy, wide-brimmed hats to the intrepid trekkers who stayed in shelters, we dried out nightly in Rog’s Hiker Hostel Tour. He couldn’t have planned backpacker-friendly lodging better.

We watched hail pound moments after ducking into Mountain Harbour, a Hilton of a hostel created in a renovated barn with essentials plus great eats from their food truck and breakfast that lived up to its hype.

Black Bear Resort cabins had that summer campy vibe, except with a room heater that allowed us to walk out in dry boots the next morning.

Creative & quirky Boots Off was also really functional, with super space in our mini-cabin, plus morning donuts!

When the daily deluge finally stopped, we took our chances on scattered showers to camp near shelters. Mist through the trees looked lovely with the sun shining through it!

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