Day 50 Mile 554

If this Snickers “dubba” pack represents the 2192 mile Appalachian Trail….

…then this shows roughly how much of the trail we have completed…

…and although nobody is walking this sucker for us, we simply could not do it without the support of family and friends, and especially our “ground support” team of Rog’s sister Sue, husband Steve and dog Rosie (the cats are awesome, too).

They have welcomed our dear pups, Ferbie and Lucy, into their home for an extended “summer camp” stay.

They also act as our extended outfitter, sending us gear and goods as our needs evolve.

It is a lot of work and please know our Journey By Foot would not have made it past the Bloomington city limits without their help.


Lyddie and Sookie

4 thoughts on “Day 50 Mile 554

  1. We are happy to do it! You are doing the heavy lifting…. Ferbie is eyeballing your snickers bars, though….


  2. Love all the pictures! Keeping blazing your trail. Haley finally got her haircut and is waiting for hugs. 🥰 We miss you guys xo


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