Day 46 Mile 499.9

Hike Day 46 ushered in Franklin, NC for a food resupply and a stay at Baltimore Jack’s Hostel. Click on the image to learn more about this wild dude (Eight-time AT thru-hiker).

But to get to NC you have to get from the southern terminus of Georgia, which was six days of pure pleasure with the requisite dose of hiking pain.

Release hope, forget about control and just take whatever the trail gives you.

In our case, the Trail was very giving after we “flipped” early to GA (‘bye cold PA rain!) where Jen’s brother Em provided shuttle service, laundry facilities, and dinner for us on HIS birthday. Many thanks to him and his wonderful family, and fair warning to others offering to host hikers!

Georgia is gorgeous! Check out some more pics along our 110-mile hike from Springer Mountain, AT mile 0.0.

6 thoughts on “Day 46 Mile 499.9

  1. I think we just finally finished all of the food from that dinner! Glad to see you have enjoyed the Georgia views despite the brutal heat that arrived with you. Safe travels the rest of the way! – Emery


  2. Some beautiful country out there! Looks like you are having a great time and meeting some interesting people along the way!


  3. Wow what a great adventure. In case you missed it the Blues won a thriller in OT last nite. All is well in the desert. Carry on, my brother. Miss you. B


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