Day 16 Mile 139

If you were lurking in the hollers of Northern VA last night you might have heard some folks carrying on like it was somebody’s birthday. Well, it was…and they were US! We celebrated March 25 as it was JJ’s natal day!

The invitations were a little slow to go out due to poor cell coverage, but don’t kill the event planner – just give Verizon your piece. We understand you may not have gotten yours in time to drop by. Our apologies.

Despite the sparse attendance and no-show on the bounce house (stuck in mud across one of the many streams required to get there, most likely) the gazebo and picnic table made it as contracted (structure on right), making it a “rain or shine” event.

Guests noshed on lavish appetizers of Snickers bars and granola, as dinner reconstituted.

Backpacker’s Pantry (Boulder, CO) catered the event with freeze dried Jamaican jerk vegetables with chicken. The dessert course featured nine peanut M&Ms garnished with a slice of dried mango. Yum!

Partygoers enjoyed ample parking with the entire Shenandoah Valley at their disposal. Dress was casual-comfortable, with waterproof/breathable footgear recommended.

The honoree was toasted with freshly drawn and filtered stream water, available in small, medium, large, and x-large servings.

Although invited attendance was sparse, a gentleman from Cleveland ambled in and joined the festivities from the comfort of his bunk.

Everything was perfect and a good time had by all.

5 thoughts on “Day 16 Mile 139

  1. Happy birthday to Jen! Nice party and even better accommodations! Not as nice as francis’ dad’s place with his dog at the track, but adequate. Even a room mate! Looks like everybody got along, doncha know…


  2. Happy birthday, Jen! I don’t think you’ll ever have another one like this again! Man, you are hiking in some primitive conditions despite the beautiful scenery. God speed and good luck on your next adventures!


  3. Happy belated birthday Jen from the Pratts. We are reading A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson in your honor. Go Feet!!


  4. Happy birthday Jen! Belated, of course. The clip of you, with the babbling brook looks very peaceful. I could hang out there for hours, with a hammock, the sun filtering through a few leaves (once it gets warm) and a decent internet connection, no problem. Oh, and a shower and tea pot. I don’t ask much for an Appalachian adventure.


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